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Publication: OMICtools: an informative directory for multi-omic data analysis
Vincent J. Henry; Anita E. Bandrowski; Anne-Sophie Pepin; Bruno J. Gonzalez; Arnaud Desfeux
Database 2014; doi: 10.1093/database/bau069

Very nice package. Well maintained and up-to-date !
Posted by C.Jin on Jul 17, 2014
a good bioinformatics tools for network
Posted by yufei on Jun 24, 2014
An useful browser which allow to visualise and analyse sequencing dataset "on the fly".
Posted by Touati on Jun 04, 2014
highly recommended genome browser to compare in-house NGS data to ENCODE and FANTOM resources
Posted by nicolas on Jun 04, 2014
The website is very user-friendly. I highly recommend it.
Posted by David Moses on May 24, 2014
Nice tool to play around with.
Posted by Tanner on May 01, 2014
Excellent Tool for Multiple Motifs Disocovery
Posted by Natasha on Apr 30, 2014
it fails often
Posted by ana carrera on Jul 20, 2014
why result output always in error
Posted by AISYAH PRATIWI on Jul 18, 2014
I contacted the corresponding authors. Without answer nor server amelioration, we moved URPD as deprecated tool.
Posted by Vincent Henry on Jul 11, 2014
Sfold and related web servers like soligo and others could not loaded in Windows Xp os but it open only in windows 7. Kindly resolve the issue that we can access the server in Windows XP.
Posted by Rahul Banik on Jul 04, 2014
I have been used this site for analyzing my metabolomics data but unfortunately I can not enter the site any more because of error 502. Can anybody help please?
Posted by Samira Khodayari on Jul 02, 2014
it's unable to detect split fusion.
Posted by Haoxuan Jin on Jun 25, 2014