Uncategorized tools for RNA sequencing analysis.
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An integrated bioinformatics approach that combines DGE tags, RNA-Seq, tiling array expression data and species-comparison to explore new transcriptional regions and their specific biological features, particularly...


It is an open platform that allows users to incorporate as many datasets (concepts) as possible to annotate the input gene list, as long as these datasets are prepared in bigwig, BED, BAM/SAM formats.


A toolset for genome-wide gene set association analysis of sequence count data.


Integrated detection of natural antisense transcripts using strand-specific RNA sequencing data.


A statistical approach for transcription landscape reconstruction at a basepair resolution from RNA Seq read counts.


An alignment-free tool which uses a computational pipeline based on an improved k-mer scheme and a support vector machine (SVM) algorithm to distinguish lncRNAs from messenger RNAs (mRNAs), in the absence of genomic...


A method for obtaining an individualXs HLA class I and II type and expression using standard NGS RNA-Seq data.


A change-point model for detecting 3'UTR changes by RNA-Seq.


A computational framework that integrates previous approaches with multiple filters to improve the accuracy of inter-species transcriptome comparisons.