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  • Dataset Request By Nizar Ahmed about ALL-IDB Dear prof.s greetings Can I use your LEUKAEMIA IMAGE MICROSCOPIC DATASET in my PHD research? I will be very grateful if the four types of Leukemia microscopic images existed since I’m working on classification problem containing the four types. Really, I will be very glad if you afford me the dataset to use it in my study and make a citation for your respectful dataset.
  • availability By Michael Gribskov about Scarpa http://compbio.cs.toronto.edu/hapsembler/scarpa-0.241.tar.gz
  • Coloring clades in phylogenetic trees By Tamanna Afroze about Harvest I have generated necessary files by using Parsnp. I can view the files in Gingr. But I can not edit/manipulate the files in Gingr. How to do that? I want to color clades in phylogenetic tree.
  • I cannot open the cyanobase web page By Seunghye Park about CyanoBase Since last month, I cannot open the cyanobase web page. When I tried it showed error message saying "bad gateway". I wonder what happened the database. Is the database available anymore?

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