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Bringing bioinformatics tools in one place

Bringing together all the tools in one place

The web is full of bioinformatics tools. Finding the needle in the haystack is a challenging and time-consuming task. We curate a wide range of resources in multi-omics fields and provide powerful filters to help you instantly spot the key features.

Linking bioinformatics tools

Creating relevant connections between resources

We turn the chaos of available tools into a meaningful network based on categories covering any biological question. We designed unique classification based on manual curation to sort all resources by applications and analysis steps.

Using AI to deliver bioinformatics pipelines

Using AI to deliver customized and reliable pipelines Coming soon

Our intelligent decision-making system combines machine learning and user feedback to suggest the right pathway of tools. It generates pipelines that offer the optimal logical sequences of software to easily interpret data without ever needing to write code.

Running bioinformatics analyses on the cloud

Offering an all-in-one work environment Coming soon

Relying on this technical backbone, we added an easy-to-use cloud to run pipelines in a few clicks. Submitted files are systematically analyzed beforehand to ensure compatibility, then required software are installed on containers.

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