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Unleashing the value of big biodata

The sheer volume of data at our fingertips far exceeds man’s processing and analysis abilities. That’s why we at omicX have developed a unique dynamic analytics ecosystem that capitalizes on collective scientific intelligence to generate fast, accurate and actionable meta-insights, unleashing the full value of big biodata and allowing you to achieve new scientific breakthroughs.

A revolutionary analytics ecosystem

Our dynamic analytics ecosystem deciphers and interprets life science data to deliver smart meta-insights that help shorten decision-making and accelerate go to market strategies allowing life science practitioners to focus on new discoveries or developments.
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Leveraging fast-moving life science trends to acquire a competitive edge

Powered by machine teaching, our evergreen platform processes, deciphers and analyses life science data, pinpointing new correlations and emerging insights. This decision-making solution generates valuable competitive and business intelligence to help you remain one step ahead of the competition.
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Making the most of high end IT infrastructures & resources

Our upcoming range of in-cloud services will take care of all the technical aspects, using state-of-the-art technology to make your data talk. These services also include access a huge and constantly growing dataset library, making it possible to run, or re-run analyses using these, or customized datasets, to identify fresh insights and novel correlations.
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Capitalizing on peer support

Peer-to-peer communities are an essential part of every researcher’s life. Our platform is used by a wide variety of researchers to share findings, interpret data or exchange ideas.
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