Computational protocol: A second monoclinic polymorph of N-(diethyl­amino­thio­carbon­yl)-N′-phenyl­benzamidine

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[…] Data collection: APEX2 and SMART (Bruker, 2004); cell refinement: APEX2 and SAINT (Bruker, 2004); data reduction: SAINT (Bruker, 2004); program(s) used to solve structure: SHELXS97 (Sheldrick, 2008); program(s) used to refine structure: SHELXL97 (Sheldrick, 2008) and OSCAIL (McArdle et al., 2004); molecular graphics: PLATON (Spek, 2009); software used to prepare material for publication: SHELXL97. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SHELX, Oscail
Application Protein structure analysis