Computational protocol: Highly Accurate Diagnosis of Pleural Tuberculosis by Immunological Analysis of the Pleural Effusion

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[…] Cells were acquired using a CyAn ADP™ 9-colour flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter, USA). Lymphocytes were gated according to 90° FSC and SSC and compensation performed. For ex vivo staining, 100,000 lymphocytes were acquired and 200–500,000 were acquired for intracellular cytokine staining. Analysis was performed using FlowJo software version 9.2 (Treestar, USA). Analysis and presentation of distributions was performed using SPICE version 5.1, downloaded from . Comparison of distributions was performed using a Student's T test and a partial permutation test as described . […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools FlowJo, SPICE
Application Flow cytometry
Diseases Pleural Diseases, Pleural Effusion, Tuberculosis, Meningeal, Tuberculosis, Pleural