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Application: sRNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 2
Release date: Oct 17 2007
Last update date: Mar 17 2012
Access: Public
Genes: IL20RB
Taxon: Dictyostelium discoideum
Dataset link The small RNA repertoire of Dictyostelium discoideum

Experimental Protocol

The aim of this study was to investigate the small RNA (18-26 nt) profile of Dictyostelium discoideum during growth and development. For this reason, we cloned and sequenced pooled small RNAs from growing single cells and from two different multicellular stages (16 and 24 hours of development). cDNA libraries of 18-26 nt D. discoideum RNAs were constructed according to two different protocols (Lee, R.C. and Ambros, V. (2001) Science, 294; Lau, N.C. et al (2001) Science, 294). Briefly, total RNA was isolated from growing D. discoideum AX4 strain cells as well as from cells developed for 16 hours and 24 hours, and the fractions were subsequently pooled. After size fractionation and ligation of a 3’ linker, the RNA was divided into two fractions, one of which was directly ligated to a 5’ linker, thus selecting for small RNAs with 5’ monophosphates. Following RT-PCR, the PCR fragments were cloned and sequenced. The second fraction was subjected to reverse transcription directly after 3’ ligation. Apart from synthesizing a complementary DNA strand, the reverse transcriptase adds a few non-templated C residues at the 3’ end. These C:s were then hybridized to a DNA oligo with three 3’ G:s followed by RT-PCR, cloning and sequencing. This approach is insensitive of the nature of the 5’ end of the small RNA.










Johan Reimegård
Johan Reimegård

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