Computational protocol: Choice of reference-guided sequence assembler and SNP caller for analysis of Listeria monocytogenes short-read sequence data greatly influences rates of error

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Protocol publication

[…] In order to ensure that only the highest quality data was used for assembly, reads were trimmed and filtered with PoPoolation set to a minimum length of 50 bp and a quality score threshold of 20. Global mapping of reads was then performed with each of four reference-guided short-read sequence assemblers: Burrows-Wheeler aligner v0.6.1-r104, MOSAIK v2.1 (, Novoalign v3.00.03 (, and SMALT v0.7.4 ( We used the Genome Analysis Toolkit [] to perform local realignments around indels according to GATK best practices []. Single nucleotide polymorphisms were then identified with BCFtools (BCF) [], FreeBayes [], the UnifiedGenotyper (UGT;, and VarScan [, ]. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools PoPoolation, BWA, MOSAIK, NovoAlign, SMALT, GATK, bcftools, FreeBayes, VarScan
Application Pool-seq analysis
Organisms Listeria monocytogenes