Computational protocol: Two RNA-binding motifs in eIF3 direct HCV IRES-dependent translation

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[…] Data processing (2D) was performed using programs and utilities contained within the Appion processing environment (). After some initial preprocessing, particle image stacks were subjected to several rounds of reference-free 2D classification by iterative multivariate statistical analysis and multireference alignment using IMAGIC (). The cryo-EM reconstructions were performed using either an iterative projection matching approach in EMAN2 (,) or a maximum-likelihood approach () within the XMIPP package (). We used as an initial reference the negative-stain structure of the human eIF3 core we previously solved (), filtered to 60 Å resolution. More details can be found in the Supplementary Materials and Methods. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Appion, IMAGIC, EMAN, Xmipp
Application cryo-EM
Diseases Hepatitis C