Computational protocol: Homeostatic Plasticity Studied Using In Vivo Hippocampal Activity-Blockade: Synaptic Scaling, Intrinsic Plasticity and Age-Dependence

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[…] Recordings were digitized at 10 kHz with a Digidata 1322A analog-digital interface (Molecular Devices, Union City, CA). Statistical analyses were performed using Sigmaplot or SPSS, using a non-paired t-test or the non-parametric Kolmogorov-Smirnov test with a significance level of p<0.05. Results are described as mean±SEM.For the cumulative probability plots, equal number of events were used from each cell (n = 20 for mEPSCs ; n = 100 for mIPSCs). For analysis concerning the presence or absence of multiplicative scaling , the control event amplitudes were ranked and then plotted against the ranked event amplitudes after TTX treatment, and the slope of the best linear fit was determined. The post-TTX event amplitudes were then divided by the scaling factor (i.e., the slope), and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to determine if the scaled-back post-TTX event amplitudes were significantly different from the control amplitudes. If they were significantly different, the increase in event amplitude could not be considered multiplicative. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SigmaPlot, SPSS
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Rattus norvegicus
Diseases Nervous System Diseases
Chemicals Sodium, Tetrodotoxin