Computational protocol: Characterization of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Takeout Genes and Their Differential Responses to Insecticides and Sex Pheromone

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[…] Eighteen S. litura TO gene sequences were obtained from previously reported transcriptome data (), which were named TO1-18. All sequences were deposited in GenBank. The accession numbers are: SlituTO1 (MF196295), SlituTO2 (MF196296), SlituTO3 (MF196297), SlituTO4 (MF196298), SlituTO5 (MF196299), SlituTO6 (MF196300), SlituTO7 (MF196301), SlituTO8 (MF196302), SlituTO9 (MF196303), SlituTO10 (MF196304), SlituTO11 (MF196305), SlituTO12 (MF196306), SlituTO13 (MF196307), SlituTO14 (MF196308), SlituTO15 (MF196309), SlituTO16 (MF196310), SlituTO17 (MF196311), SlituTO18 (MF196312). A Blast search was performed in NCBI. Maximum Likelihood (ML) was used to construct a phylogenetic tree using previously identified 92 TO genes from eight species along with 18 SlituTO genes using MEGA6 (). The SlituTO genes were translated into amino acid sequences, and the sequences were aligned using ClustalW2 (). A WebLogo sequence alignment map was generated at […]

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