Computational protocol: Virulent Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus, People’s Republic of China

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Protocol publication

[…] Complete genome or S1 gene sequences of IBV were obtained from GenBank, and these IBV sequences and the complete coding sequence of the IBV YN isolate were aligned and analyzed by using the ClustalW multiple alignment algorithm in the MegAlign program of the DNASTAR software suite (version 3.1; DNAstar, Madison, WI, USA).The phylogenetic tree of S1 gene or complete genomic sequences was constructed by using MEGA4.0 software ( by the neighbor-joining method (1,000 bootstrap replicates). Evolutionary distances were computed by the pairwise distance method using the maximum composite likelihood model (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Clustal W, MEGA
Application Phylogenetics
Organisms Gallus gallus, Infectious bronchitis virus, Homo sapiens
Diseases Brain Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Respiratory Insufficiency, HIV Infections, Tracheomalacia