Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 96
Release date: Oct 31 2015
Last update date: Apr 5 2017
Access: Public
Diseases: Breast Neoplasms, Neoplasms, Radiation Injuries
Dataset link Gene expression profiling in response to radiation treatment in breast cancer [cell lines]

Experimental Protocol

The objective of our study was to identify genomic determinants of radiation sensitivity using clinical samples as well as breast tumor cell lines. In order to identify differences in the radiation response gene expression profiles of specific breast cancer subtypes, we exposed 16 biologically-diverse breast tumor cell lines to 0 or 5GY radiation. Microarray analysis was performed on RNA harvested from those cell lines. Samples were run in triplicate. Following quality assessment, differential gene expression analysis was performed using a two-way multiplicative linear mixed-effects model. Candidate radiation response biomarker with a biologically plausible role in radiation response, were identified and confirmed at the RNA and protein level with qPCR and Western blotting assays. Induction of the genes of interest were further evaluated and confirmed in human breast tumors in 32 breast cancer patients with paired pre- and post-radiation tumor samples using IHC and microarray analysis assays.