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[…] additional factorial design was conducted (Analysis A4) to examine the event and group specific effects in the BA32 region: groups (4 levels: PAT (A +), PAT (A −), CON (A +) and CON (A −)), event type (2 levels: pos. and neg. feedback), subject (number of subjects levels) to model subject dependency between positive and negative feedback conditions., We applied a family-wise error (FWE) correction for multiple comparisons (with pFWE < 0.05) at the whole brain level and with a reduced number of comparisons (small volume correction) within our dopamine associated volume of interest (BA32 as defined in the Brodmann atlas shipped within mricon software, see and the basal ganglia (putamen and globus pallidus as defined in the AAL atlas, see ()., Two controls were excluded, because of insufficient quality of the MRI scans. The mean WCRS score was 9.4 ± 4.9 (range 3–22), while the ADDS averaged 60.7 ± 13.0 (range 26–81). Details of the patients' characteristics are given in ., The genetic analysis was performed first and subjects were selected according to the DRD2/ANKK1-TaqIa polymorphism. Finally, 18 A + positive, 17 A − controls, 11 A + and 20 A − writer's cramp patients were included. Three different haplotypes could be identified: A1/A1 (patients n = 0, controls n = 1), A2/A2 (patients n = 20, controls n = 17), and A1/A2 (patients n = 11, controls n =  […]

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