Computational protocol: Expression of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 1 (SOCS1) Impairs Viral Clearance and Exacerbates Lung Injury during Influenza Infection

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[…] BALF samples were collected by making an incision in the trachea and lavaging the lung twice with 0.8 ml PBS, pH 7.4. Total leukocyte counts were determined using a hemacytometer.For flow cytometric analysis, BALF cells were incubated with 2.4G2 mAb against FcγRII/III, and stained with PE-Cy7-conjugated anti-CD11c (BD Biosciences), APC-Cy7-conjugated anti-CD11b (BD Biosciences), PE-conjugated Ly6B (Abcom), PCP-Cy5-conjugated anti-Ly6C (eBiosciences) and PE-Cy7 conjugated anti-Ly6G mAb (BD Biosciences) for myeloid cell analysis. APC-conjugated anti-CD11c, APC-Cy7-conjugated anti-CD11b (BD Biosciences), PE-conjugated anti-MHC II (BD Biosciences) and PCP-Cy5-conjugated anti-F4/80 (eBiosciences) were used for DC analysis. PCP-Cy5-conjugated anti-CD3 (Biolegend), APC-conjugated anti-CD4 (BD Biosciences) and APC-Cy7-conjugated anti-CD8 mAb (BD Biosciences) were used for T cell analysis. Splenocytes and BALF cells were stained with Tetramer Alexa 647-Labeled H-2D(b)/PA224(SSLENFRAYV) and BV421-Labeled H-2D(b)/NP366 (ASNENMETM), using FITC-conjugated anti-CD3 (BD Biosciences), APC-Cy7-conjugated anti-CD4 (BD Biosciences) and PE-conjugated anti-CD8 mAb (BD Biosciences) for cell surface markers. The stained cells were analyzed on a BD FACSCanto or BD LSRII-green using FlowJo and BD FACSDiva software analysis. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools FlowJo, BD FACSDiva
Application Flow cytometry
Organisms Mus musculus
Diseases Infection, Lung Diseases, Lung Injury