Computational protocol: an online tool for the design of restriction-free cloning projects

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[…] runs on a standard LAMP configuration (Debian 6.0 ‘Squeeze’ web server, Apache2, MySQL and PHP), and the user interface has been successfully tested on Firefox 3+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Chrome web browsers, on Windows XP/Vista/7, Debian based distributions of Linux and Mac OS-X. All critical functionality of the site is also present when using Internet Explorer 7 and 8, but due to incomplete support of the SVG web standard by these older browsers, they are unable to download the Savvy plasmid maps. Many features of communicate with the web server via asynchronous JavaScript calls, so JavaScript support must be enabled at all times. Common gateway interface scripts are implemented in PHP, Perl [using pre-existing BioPerl modules ()], and C++ [select components of the BLAST+ suite, version 2.2.24, NCBI C++ toolkit ()]. For those wishing to access the RF-Cloning design algorithm directly from custom scripts, we have included a SOAP server to accept incoming XML requests ( The affiliated WSDL file and sample SOAP clients can be downloaded from […]

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Software tools savvy, BioPerl
Application Synthetic biology