Computational protocol: Frailty has a stronger association with inflammation than age in older veterans

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[…] Analysis was completed in SPSS; Graphpad Prism 6.0 and R 3.2.2 using the ggplot2 packages were used to graphically represent the data. ANOVA was used to compare means of various biomarkers between frailty groups. In cases where the frailty F statistic suggested a significant overall affect, post hoc pairwise comparisons were performed with p value adjustment with Bonferroni or Tamhane, as determined by homogeneity of variance. Associations between age and each biomarker measured were examined using Spearman rank correlations. Log transformed values were used to represent correlations with frailty groups. The Spearman Rank correlation is robust to transformations and outliers. These correlations were also examined within groups of frailty. The explained variability in biomarkers, as measured by R-squared values, obtained from Pearson correlations for age and ANOVA for frailty group, was compared between age and frailty. The R-squared statistic measures the percent of variability in an outcome explained by one or more covariates. For a single continuous covariate, it can be calculated as the square of the Pearson correlation coefficient; for a single categorical variable, it can be calculated as the regression sum of squares due divided by the total sum of squares as summarized in typical ANOVA results. Thus, comparing the squared Pearson correlation coefficient to the ANOVA-based R-squared allows the percent of variability in an outcome explained by a categorical variable and a continuous variable to be identically measured []. For patients with available outpatient data from the two years prior to enrollment, we also obtained outpatient diagnosis codes from the electronic database and calculated the Charlson comorbidity index using a validated list of diagnosis codes []. The index was calculated, without the addition of points for age, for 103 subjects (mean = 2.75, range = 0 to 8). We performed regression analyses comparing the explained variability using comorbidity and age vs. comorbidity and frailty. […]

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Software tools SPSS, Ggplot2
Application Miscellaneous
Diseases Thrombosis