Dataset features


Application: RNA-seq analysis, BS-seq analysis
Number of samples: 100
Release date: Mar 15 2018
Last update date: Nov 28 2018
Access: Public
Genes: DNMT3A
Taxon: Homo sapiens
Dataset link Dissecting the Functional Consequences of de Novo DNA Methylation Dynamics in Human Motor Neuron Differentiation and Physiology

Experimental Protocol

We performed whole genome bisulfite sequencing and RNA-Seq on 3 time points during in vitro differentiation of human embryonic stem cells towards spinal motor neurons at day 0, day 6 and day 14 in three conditions, WT, DNMT3A and DNMT3B knockout backround in 3-5 replicates each. In addition, we also performed single cell RNA-Seq on the same conditions and time point 6 and 14 as well as bisulfite amplicon sequencing. Please note that raw data is to be made available through dbGaP (controlled access) due to privacy concerns.