Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 26
Release date: Jul 1 2018
Last update date: Jul 3 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Immune System Diseases
Dataset link Commensal microbes drive the generation of large numbers of bone marrow plasma cells

Experimental Protocol

Cells were sorted from B6.BlimpGFP reporter mice isolated from the bone marrow, lamina propria, or the spleen of naïve mice housed under SPF conditions. Plasma cells from the bone marrow were sorted based on viability, Dump-(CD4, CD8, F4/80, Ter119), IgD-, CD138+, Blimp+, and then either IgA+, IgM+, or IgA-IgM-. Plasma cells from the gut were sorted based on a surface phenotype of Dump-, IgD-, B220-, Blimp+, and IgA+. The cells were sorted two times to ensure greater purity. Replicate numbers for the plasma cell samples indicate the cells came from the same mouse. The follicular B cells were sorted from different mice from the spleen and had a phenotype of CD19+, B220+, CD23+, CD21-, and IgD+.








Joel Wilmore