Computational protocol: Dietary Glutamate: Interactions With the Enteric Nervous System

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[…] Results are expressed as mean ± SEM. Student's t test and paired t test were used for statistical analysis of significance with P < 0.05 accepted as significant. Ussing chamber data are presented as means ± SE with n values referring to numbers of patients and preparations. Continuous curves for concentration-response relationships were constructed with the following least-squares fitting routine using Sigmaplot® software (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA): V = Vmax / [1 + (EC50/C)nH], where V is the observed increased Isc, Vmax is the maximal response, C is the corresponding drug concentration, EC50 is the concentration that induces the half-maximal response, and nH is the apparent Hill coefficient. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SigmaPlot, SPSS
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Cavia porcellus, Homo sapiens
Diseases Nervous System Malformations