Computational protocol: Lack of association between apolipoprotein C3 gene polymorphisms and risk of coronary heart disease in a Han population in East China

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[…] Baseline characteristics were shown as mean ± SD. Due to plasma Lipid concentrations had a skewed distribution, the median and interquartile ranges (Q:difference of Q25 and Q75) were presented: M ± Q. The association between genetic polymorphisms and the prevalence of CHD was assessed using chi-square tests. Odds ratio was determined by comparing each polymorphism (heterozygous, homozygous) to wild type and the 95% confidence intervals were calculated. Observed frequencies in the CHD and controls were compared to the expected frequencies (Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium) by chi-square test. The distribution of genotype and allele frequencies in CHD and controls were analyzed by chi-square test too. The difference of lipid levels in different genotypes in CHD and controls was evaluated by one-way ANOVA after rank transformation when necessary. Linkage disequilibrium was calculated by Arlequin population genetics analysis software showed in value of D'. All computations were performed by using the stata 8.0 or SAS 9.13 statistical software. Levels of significance were defined as P < 0.05. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Arlequin, Stata
Application Population genetic analysis
Diseases Coronary Disease, Hypertriglyceridemia