Computational protocol: Practice changes beta power at rest and its modulation during movement in healthy subjects but not in patients with Parkinson's disease

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[…] We preprocessed the data with NetStation 4.3 software (Net Station EEG Software, RRID:nlx_155825, Electrical Geodesics Inc.) and the Matlab‐based public license toolboxes EEGLAB (RRID:nif‐0000‐00076, Delorme and Makeig ). Subsequent analysis also included functions from the Fieldtrip toolbox (RRID:nlx_143928, Oostenveld et al. ). Briefly, the continuous EEG signal was filtered between 0.5 and 80 Hz, with a notch filter at 60 Hz. Channels affected by bad scalp‐electrode contact were visually identified and replaced with spherical spline interpolation (number of bad channels, mean ± SD, Controls: 1.9 ± 1.8; PD: 1.3 ± 1.3). EEG recorded during the motor performance was segmented into 3‐sec epochs aligned with movement onset (−1 sec to +2sec). RS‐EEG was segmented into consecutive 2‐sec epochs. Epochs containing sporadic artifacts (abnormal tension bursts, cough, or similar) were rejected by visual inspection. Stereotypical artifacts, such as blinks, eye movements, and muscle tension, were removed by Independent Component Analysis (Makeig et al. ; Onton and Makeig ). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools EEGLAB, FieldTrip
Application Clinical electrophysiology
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Parkinson Disease