Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 33
Release date: Nov 1 2015
Last update date: Nov 1 2015
Access: Public
Taxon: Triticum aestivum, Triticum turgidum
Dataset link Transcriptome modification to the BBAA subgenomes of common wheat since allohexaploidization is largely irreversible

Experimental Protocol

Structurally, the three constituent subgenomes of common wheat, BB, AA and DD, are largely intact with only a few inter-subgenomic translocations. Because of these unique attributes, it is feasible to extract the BBAA subgenomes from the common wheat BBAADD genome by hybridization to a durum line and repeated back-crossing to the hexaploid parent, restituting a novel type of extracted tetraploid wheat, namely Extracted-tetr, with a genome constitution BBAA, virtually identical to the subgenomes BBAA of its common wheat donor. Availability of the extracted-tetra, the resynthesized allohexaploid wheat parented by the extracted-tetra, and newly synthesized allohexaploid wheat parented by natural tetraploid wheat, T. turgidum, provides an excellent system to address the issues of whether and to what extent transcriptome modifications to the BBAA subgenomes of common wheat have occurred since its formation ca. 10,000 years ago, timing of the modifications, and their biological consequences. Here, we have addressed these issues by microarray-based transcriptome analysis.










bao qi