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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 10
Release date: Oct 31 2016
Last update date: Feb 3 2017
Access: Public
Genes: SNORD15A
Dataset link Two distinct extracellular RNA signatures released by a single cell type identified by microarray and next-generation sequencing [total RNA]

Experimental Protocol

Samples were analysed in three biological replicates, except for the HD exRNA samples where four biological repliates were analysed. The samples were of three typs; mast cells, and the RNA secreted my these cells into the extracelllular space isolated by ultracentrifugation and denisty gradients, were the extracellular RNA was divided into a high density and a low density fraction. Resulting in 9 samples in total, which are paired, that this the RNA in cell 1, HD 1 and LD 1 are isolated from the cell culture and so on. Please note that the accession numbers for the associated NGS and proteomic data are PRJNA343960 (BioProject) and PXD004931 (PRIDE archive).







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