Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 6
Release date: Oct 8 2015
Last update date: Jun 12 2017
Access: Public
Dataset link Comparison of low water potential (drought) regulated gene expression in wild type (Col-0) and egr1-1egr2-1 (At3g05640/At5g27930) mutant.

Experimental Protocol

Seven-day-old seedlings of wild type (Col-0) or egr1-1egr1-2 were transferred from agar plates of control media to low water potential stress (PEG-infused agar plates at -1.2 MPa) or to fresh control media (-0.25 Mpa). Samples (whole seedlings) were collected 96 h after transfer. Three independent experiments were conducted with one sample of each treatment (wild type stress and control, egr1-1egr2-1 stress and control) collected from each experiment. Gene expression data of Col-0 samples were the same set of samples which were previously (GSE35258) compared with the gene expression of Clade A PP2C, Highly ABA Induced 1 (HAI1). Microarray experiments of Col-0, hai1-2 and egr1-1egr2-1 were performed at the same time. Here, we are using same set of Col-0 expression profile to compare with the expression profile of egr1egr2.








Bhaskara Goivnal Badiger