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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 24
Release date: May 31 2009
Last update date: Aug 31 2012
Access: Public
Chemicals: Carbon
Dataset link Probing the endosperm gene expression landscape in Brassica napus

Experimental Protocol

We defined the developmental phase of the endosperm based on the stages of the embedded embryos. Under our growth conditions, the globular-shape embryo stage is reached approximately six days after flowering (DAF), the heart-shape embryo stage is reached after eight days, and by day 14 the seed enters the cotyledon stage. The collected tissues allowed the construction of two cDNA libraries: one derived from endosperm of heart-shape embryo developing stage seeds and the other from endosperm of a mix of globular-shape embryo and cotyledon stage developing seeds. Heart-shaped-embryo endosperm is also ready for protein profiling analysis. For microarray analysis, endosperms were harvested from young seeds at the globular-shape embryo, heart-shape embryo and cotyledon stages, respectively. Two biological duplicates were set up, including four technological repeats in each duplicate. A dye-swap hybridization experiment was performed for each pair of target RNA comparisons. We performed four independent aRNA labelings for each tissue pair. For example, we used globular-shape embryo stage endosperm RNA coupled with Cy5 dye vs. heart-shape embryo stage endosperm RNA coupled with Cy3 dye, and the dye-swap experiment was with globular-shape embryo stage endosperm RNA with Cy3 dye vs. the heart-shape embryo stage endosperm RNA with Cy5 dye. Each tissue pair experiment was done with four repeats, using a total of 24 microarrays for the whole experiment.










Jitao Zou

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