Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 15
Release date: Nov 1 2011
Last update date: Mar 23 2012
Access: Public
Diseases: Malaria
Dataset link Host influence on in vivo gene expression profiles of Plasmodium yoelii blood-stage malaria parasites

Experimental Protocol

1. P. yoelii 17X gene expression profiles were determined in blood-stage parasites isolated from infected Balb/c mice (male, 8-12 weeks old) as follows: a. Mouse 1 (M1), Mouse 2 (M2), Mouse 3 (M3), Donor (D) mouse – three mice simultaneously infected with P. yoelii 17X iRBCs from a single donor mouse. Parasite RNA was isolated early during infection when parasitemia was ascending as follows: M1 - day 11 at 13.0% parasitemia; M2 - day 10 at 11.1% parasitemia; M3 - day 10 at 18.6% parasitemia; D – day 11 at 18.7% parasitemia. b. Infection #1 (I1), infection #2 (I2), infection #3 (I3), infection #4 (I4) – four groups of mice infected on four separate occasions using P. yoelii 17X iRBCs obtained from four separate donor mice. In each case, P. yoelii 17X RNA was isolated from iRBCs obtained on days 10-11 of infection when parasitemia was ascending and was ~15%. c. Day 10 (D10), Day 14 (D14) – P. yoelii 17X RNA isolated from iRBCs during infection #2 on day 10 (14% parasitemia, 14.4% reticulocytes) and on day 14 of infection #2 (43.5% parasitemia, 57.9% reticulocytes). d. WT and JHD - P. yoelii 17X RNA isolated from iRBCs during infection #4 from immunologically intact, wild-type Balb/c mice and B cell deficient, JHD mice on a Balb/c background (ascending infection, 15% parasitemia). e. QA and RMP - P. yoelii 17X RNA isolated from iRBCs during infection #1 from mice previously immunized with a preparation of membrane proteins isolated from P. yoelii 17X infected reticulocytes (PyRMP) (day 12, 13.3% parasitemia and Quil A immunized (QA) control mice (day 10, 15.6% parasitemia) 2. On each array, gene expression in P. yoelii 17X blood-stage parasites was evaluated relative to a standard comparator of purified P. yoelii 17XL total RNA (pooled RNA from 45 mice, mean parasitemia ~35%). Each sample was analyzed on three replicate arrays, one of which was a standard dye-flip. One exception was the infection #3 sample which was analyzed on only on two arrays. On each array, oligonucleotides were spotted in duplicate. 3. Through the use of the standard reference RNA, the following 15 pairwise comparisons across samples were made: (M1 vs M2); (M2 vs M3); (M1 vs M3); (D vs M1); (D vs M2); (D vs M3); (I1 vs I2); (I1 vs I3); (I1 vs I4); (I2 vs I3); (I2 vs I4); (I3 vs I4); (D10 vs D14); (WT vs JHD); (QA vs RMP)










James M. Burns