Computational protocol: MPV17L2 is required for ribosome assembly in mitochondria

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[…] The MPV17 protein family was assembled via a PSI-Blast search (default parameters), starting with the human MPV17 protein and iterating until convergence. Members of the family were selected to delineate the origin of the four members of the family in mammals (MPV17 MPV17L, MPV17L2 and PMP22) and based on the presence of experimental data (mainly protein locations, obtained from SUBcellular location database for Arabidopsis proteins (SUBA) ( Subsequently, a protein sequence alignment was created with ClustalX (), followed by minor manual modifications. Based on this alignment, the most appropriate model for MPV17 sequence evolution (LG + G + F) and the corresponding tree were selected with ProtTest () after which the bootstrap values were obtained with PhyML (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BLASTP, Clustal W, ProtTest, PhyML
Application Phylogenetics
Chemicals Sucrose