Computational protocol: A Novel Pathogenicity Gene Is Required in the Rice Blast Fungus to Suppress the Basal Defenses of the Host

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Protocol publication

[…] All sequence information used in this study was obtained from the online database CFGP (, which containing the latest annotated genome information of 59 fungi including M. oryzae. To identify DES1 homologs, GeneBank ( and CFGP database were searched using the BLAST algorithm . Gene distribution analysis after DES1 homolog search was performed automatically by the BLAST matrix program incorporated in CFGP. Sequence alignment using the ClustalW algorithm and generation of bootstrapped phylogenetic trees were performed in CFGP. Results of InterPro Scan v12.0 , domain architecture visualization, SignalP v3.0 and amino acid frequency analysis also were automatically provided from CFGP. Primers used in this study () were designed using Primer Select™ program (DNASTAR Inc., Madison, USA) and commercially synthesized (BIONEER Corp., Daejeon, Korea). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Clustal W, InterPro, SignalP
Databases CFGP
Applications Phylogenetics, Protein sequence analysis
Organisms Magnaporthe oryzae, Oryza sativa
Chemicals NADP, Oxygen