Computational protocol: NK cell compartment in patients with coronary heart disease

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[…] Listmodes were acquired on Epics XL flow cytometer (Coulter, USA) and analyzed using Winlist, version 5.0, software. Dead cells were excluded by forward (FSC) and side (SS) angle scattered light window. The region containing lymphocytes was generated on the basis of using their forward versus right angle light scatters. A lymphocytes gate was used to measure the proportion of NK cells subsets in the sample. Typically, 10 000 events were acquired in this region. The absolute number of cells was determined by multiplying the respective percentages obtained by flow cytometry by respective absolute counts from clinical laboratory reports. [...] Data were computed using program Statistica 6.0 (Statsoft, Poland). Parametric and non-parametric distributions was assessed by W Shapiro-Wilk test. The analysis was based on non-parametric statistic U-Mann-Whitney test as indicated by data distribution. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools WinList, Statistica
Applications Miscellaneous, Flow cytometry
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Bacterial Infections, Coronary Disease, Infection