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Enables construction, manipulation, analysis and comparison of mass spectrometry (MS) images. MSight is designed for 2-D representation, as well as visual analysis and comparison of datasets obtained from protein or peptide separation combined to MS. The software allows navigation through large volumes of data and provides visualization tools to discriminate peptide or protein from noise or to perform differential analysis. It aims to improve understanding of correlated high-throughput MS.
SDA / Statistical DIGE Analyzer
A package for the statistical analysis of data from two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis (DIGE). The SDA comprises the following features: (i) simultaneous differential analyses of thousands of protein spots: t-tests, fold change (plus respective confidence intervals), p-value adjustements, (ii) power analysis for sample size calculations, (iii) principal component analysis for comparing between gel variation, (iv) analysis of 'minimal' and 'saturation' designed studies and (v) calibration of raw spot intensities.
SAFA / Semi-Automated Footprinting Analysis
Allows quantification of a footprinting gel. SAFA contains a graphical user interface (GUI) that guides users through the analysis to generate the numerical output of the band intensities. This tool automates all the steps involved in gel analysis. It permits the visualization of the results of the automated procedure at each step, and the automated correction of geometric distortions in the gel. In summary, it’s a tool to pursue the quantitative information that is inherent to designed footprinting experiments.
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