Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 10
Release date: Feb 14 2008
Last update date: Aug 28 2018
Access: Public
Chemicals: Oxygen
Dataset link EXECUTER1- and EXECUTER2-dependent transfer of stress signals from the plastid to the nucleus of Arabidopsis thaliana

Experimental Protocol

Two individual biologica replicates, each containing material of five mature plants of wild type, flu, ex1/flu, ex2/flu, and ex1/ex2/flu, respectively, were used for the microarray analysis. Plants were germinated on soil and kept under continuous light until the beginning of bolting and then transferred to the dark for 8 h. Dark-incubated mature plants were reilluminated for 30 min and subsequently harvested for RNA extraction. The EX1 (At4g33630) T-DNA insertion line SALK 002088 and EX2 (At1g27510) T-DNA insertion line SALK 012127 were obtained from the European Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC). Homozygous mutant lines were identified by PCR analysis by using T-DNA-, EX1- and EX2-specific primers. Both T-DNA-lines were crossed with a flu Col-0 line that had been obtained by 5 backcrosses of flu1-1 in Landsberg erecta with wild-type Columbia. The ex1/flu and ex2/flu mutant lines were crossed, and within the segregating F2 population triple mutants were identified by PCR-based genotyping. For the cultivation of mature plants, seeds of wild type, flu, ex1/flu, ex2/flu, and ex1/ex2/flu, all in Col-0 ecotype, were sown on soil and plants were grown under continuous light (100 mol m 2 s 1).










Chanhong Kim