Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 60
Release date: Feb 2 2009
Last update date: Dec 6 2012
Access: Public
Chemicals: Carbohydrates, Nucleotides, Oxygen, Steroids
Dataset link Hypoxia alters gene expression in the gonads of zebrafish

Experimental Protocol

Reproductively mature zebrafish (Danio rerio; ab wild-type strain; 7 months old) were obtained from an on-site culture unit. Mixed groups of four males and four females were randomly loaded into 10 L tanks, receiving a continuous flow of Lake Superior water. Zebrafish were exposed to hypoxia for duration of 4 and 14 days. There were three oxygen treatments: normoxia (6.5 mg dissolved O2/L), moderate hypoxia (3 mg dissolved O2/L) and severe hypoxia (1 mg dissolved O2/L). Each exposure tank contained four males and four females, and each time and oxygen content treatment combination was replicated twice (i.e., fish were held in two separate exposure tanks). The 4 and 14 d exposures were conducted concurrently. Aliquots of gonadal RNA from male and female fish exposed to hypoxia for 4 and 14 days (five biological replicates from each of the three oxygen treatment groups) were submitted to an Agilent certified facility, MOgene, LC (St. Louis, MO), for gene expression profiling.








Dalma Martinovic