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Number of samples: 28
Release date: Apr 18 2013
Last update date: Nov 21 2014
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Chemicals: Glucose
Dataset link Genome-wide study of the adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to the proliferative stages of wine fermentation

Experimental Protocol

Competition experiments of the genome-wide collections of mutants were performed in triplicate using conditions that mimicked Phases I or II of a batch fermentation (equivalent to around 14 and 22 hours after inoculation of a batch fermentation, respectively), as well as on YPD (complete medium) for reference purposes. To this end, different feed formulations were used. One mL of either the homozygote or heterozygote pool stored at -80 ºC was added to 50 mL of YPD broth supplemented with 200 µg/mL G418 and incubated overnight at 28 °C and 150 rpm to serve as inoculum for the competition experiments. Samples were taken before the onset of the continuous culture as t=0 (preculture) references. Variations in pool composition were always estimated against the cognate preculture (most often a single preculture served as inoculum for several competitions). After 10 or 20 generations in continuous culture, samples of cells were used for the genomic DNA extraction. lification of the barcodes (uptags and downtags), hybridization, and scanning were performed according to the protocol described elsewhere [Pierce SE, Davis RW, Nislow C, Giaever G (2007) Genome-wide analysis of barcoded Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene-deletion mutants in pooled cultures. Nat Protocols 2: 2958-2974]. Slight modifications concerning the hybridization of Tag4 microarrays by using reagents and protocols from the GeneChip Hybridization, Wash and Stain Kit (Affymetrix) were made.










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