Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 94
Release date: Oct 11 2015
Last update date: Aug 9 2018
Access: Public
Taxon: Homo sapiens
Dataset link Poly I:C Induced Gene Expression Changes in Non-Human Primates IV

Experimental Protocol

Animals were sedated with ketamine (10-15 mg/kg) delivered i.m. For nasal scrapes, a nasal curette was used to take a sample from the nasal cavity (blind, but likely to be from the inferior/maxilloturbinate). After sedation, the left nasal cavity was sampled at T = 0. Saline or poly I:C (100 mg) was subsequently administered to the right nasal cavity using a Penn-Century microspray device. At T = 6h post-poly I:C administration animals were sedated once more and a nasal scrape was collected from the nasal turbinates in the right nasal cavity. For these studies, each treatment group had n = 12 non-human primates and within each treatment group there were n = 6 that were sensitized and n = 6 that were not sensitized to A.suum. 2 samples were removed as outliers (detected by PCA).








Donavan Cheng