Computational protocol: Neurofunctional Correlates of Environmental Cognition: An fMRI Study with Images from Episodic Memory

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[…] The experiment was conducted with a 3T system (Philips ACHIEVA, Best, The Netherlands) at the University Hospital LMU Munich. Foam cushions securely, but comfortably, fastened the subject’s head to minimize movements. As anatomical reference and to detect potential morphological anomalies, a T1-weighted, magnetization-prepared rapid gradient echo (MPRAGE) sequence was performed: repetition time (TR) = 2400 ms, echo time (TE) = 3.06 ms, flip angle (FA) = 9°, number of slices = 160, matrix = 224 x 256, spatial resolution 1 x 1 mm. Structural images were acquired in sagittal orientation. For BOLD imaging, a T2*-weighted EPI sequence was used (TR = 2000 ms, TE = 35 ms, FA = 90°, 28 axial slices covering whole cerebrum, slice thickness = 4 mm, inter-slice gap = 0.4 mm, ascending interleaved acquisition, FOV = 230 x 230 mm, matrix = 128 x 128, in-plane resolution = 1.8 x 1.8 mm). In total, 248 functional volumes were acquired. Functional images were acquired in axial orientation (parallel to the anterior commissure—posterior commissure [AC-PC] line).To account for T1 saturation effects, the first five volumes in each run were excluded from further analysis. The functional images were realigned, co-registered, and spatially normalized into standard stereotaxic space (EPI template; Montreal Neurologic Institute, MNI), re-sliced to 2 x 2 x 2 mm voxels, and smoothed with an 8 mm full-width at half maximum (FWHM) Gaussian kernel using SPM8 software (Statistical Parametric Mapping; T-contrast images were created versus baseline for each subject at the first level. After estimation of the random-effects second level (full-factorial design), statistical parametric maps were thresholded at p <.001 (corrected for multiple comparisons at cluster-level using the family-wise error correction at p (FWE) <.05).The clusters were anatomically described using the AAL atlas (Automated Anatomical Labeling of Activations []; AAL Toolbox for SPM8, […]

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Software tools SPM, AAL
Application Magnetic resonance imaging