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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis, miRNA array analysis
Number of samples: 8
Release date: Sep 18 2009
Last update date: Mar 21 2012
Access: Public
Genes: RNANC
Taxon: Homo sapiens
Dataset link Gene expression profile of mesenchymal stem cells from paired umbilical cord units: cord is different from blood

Experimental Protocol

Cy5- and Cy3-labeled cRNAs were obtained using 300 ng total RNA as template for amplification of poly(A) RNA by T7-RNA polymerase with the Agilent Low RNA Input Fluorescent Linear Amplification kit. The T7-polymerase amplified cRNA labeling approach advantageously replaces the reverse-transcriptase cDNA labeling used in early microarray experiments, because T7-RNA polymerase labeling of cRNA preserves the strand orientation of the original mRNA template. Reverse-transcriptase labeling can eventually generate a complementary cDNA second strand and cause artifactual labeling of a target with the opposite sense to that of the original message. Hybridization of 825 ng of Cy3- or Cy5-labeled RNA (dye swap technical replicate) from each UC sample with its paired UCB sample was performed with Agilent in situ Hybridization kit-plus, as recommended by the manufacturer, using a total of 4 intron-exon 44K expression oligoarrays. This array comprises a total of 13,699 exonic probes representing different protein-coding genes, along with custom-designed intronic probes for the antisense or sense strand. Slides were washed and processed according to the Agilent Two-Color Microarray-Based Gene Expression Analysis protocol (Version 5.5) and scanned on a GenePix 4000B scanner (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA, USA). Fluorescence intensities were extracted using Feature Extraction (FE) software (version 9.0; Agilent). A gene was considered expressed if its probe intensity was significantly higher than the local background intensity, as calculated by the FE software. Then, the software applies local background subtraction and corrects for unequal dye incorporation using the default LOWESS (locally weighted linear regression) method.










Yuri Moreira
Yuri Barros Moreira

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