Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 42
Release date: Jan 11 2017
Last update date: Aug 23 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Neoplasms, Rectal Diseases, Rectal Neoplasms, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Hepatitis E
Dataset link Dissecting tumor/stroma pretreatment endoscopic biopsies and posttreatment surgical specimen in rectal cancer

Experimental Protocol

This study involves microdissected samples (tumor and stroma) of patients with rectal cancer that were analysed by Primeview microarray (Affymetrix). Biopsies were taken at two different timepoints: before neoadjuvant treatment (tumor and stroma) and after neoadjuvant treatment (surgical specimen; tumor and stroma). Microarrays were run in one batch. Fresh samples were embedded in OCT compound, sectioned in a cryotome, and stained using an Arcturus Histogene LCM Frozen Section kit. Stromal and tumour compartments were microdissected using an Arcturus XT microdissection system. After preoperative treatment we assessed the pathological response, using Mandard’s classification: TRG1 (pathologically complete response, pCR), TRG2 (scattered tumour cells), TRG3 (partial response with preponderance of fibrosis), TRG4 (partial response with preponderance of tumour cells) and TRG5 (no changes of regression). TRG1 and TRG2 were considered to be responders and TRG3, TRG4 and TRG5 were classified as non-responders.








david mollevi