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eC-CLEM / easy cell-correlative light to electron microscopy
Solves the problem of achieving accurate association. eC-CLEM allows several types of registration, corresponding to different correlative workflows in 2D and 3D (or a mix of both dimensions). It can be used to register 3D LM (light microscopy) with 2D EM (electron microcopy), or to extract a slice with the correct transformation from an LM stack using artificial or natural fiducials. The tool offers preliminary image preprocessing for rapid data extraction. It evaluates the need to apply nonrigid registration to obtain accurate registration.
Amira 3D Software for Life Sciences
Allows users to visualize, manipulate, and understand data from imaging modalities such as computed tomography, microscopy or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Amira 3D Software for Life Sciences provides features to import and process 2D and 3D images data, visualization techniques and tools for visual analysis. Users can also create and share presentations. The base product can be customized by adding functional extensions to fit special needs in different application areas.
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