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AIR Tools / Algebraic Iterative Reconstruction Tools

Assists in calculating regularized solutions to discretization of inverse problems. AIR Tools aims to provide easy-to-use implementations of the most important algebraic iterative reconstruction (AIR) methods. Each method is equipped with several stopping rules as well as heuristics for choosing the relaxation parameter. It is written for numerical analysts and application specialists who want to experiment with the iterative methods and their convergence properties.

STIR / Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction

Provides a Platform-independent Object-Oriented framework for all data manipulations in tomographic imaging. STIR can be used to study existing and/or new reconstruction algorithms for a wide variety of cylindrical scanners. It enables the research community to study the performance of several algorithms on Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) data, and potentially implement new algorithms by expanding the existing framework. The tool offers the prospect to compare different Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners using identical correction and reconstruction software.


A software suite for image reconstruction in diffuse optical tomography. Toast++ contains a forward solver module using the finite element method for simulating the propagation of light in highly scattering, inhomogeneous biological tissues, such as the brain. The inverse solver module uses an iterative, model-based approach to reconstruct the unknown distributions of absorption and scattering coefficients in the volume of interest from boundary measurements of light transmission.