Computational protocol: Loss of TLR3 aggravates CHIKV replication and pathology due to an altered virus-specific neutralizing antibody response

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Protocol publication

[…] Detection of CHIKV Ag was carried out in a two-step indirect intracellular labeling process (Her et al, ; Teng et al, ). Data were acquired in BD FACSCanto™ II (BD Bioscience) using BD FACSDiva™ software. Dead cells and duplets were excluded in all analysis with FSC/SSC gating. Results were analyzed with FlowJo version 7.5 software (Tree Star, Inc). Antibodies against CHIKV Ag were purchased from Santa Cruz Biotechnology. Antibodies against mouse CD45 (cat# 557659) and CD8 (cat# 553035) were purchased from BD Bioscience. Antibodies against mouse CD11b (cat# 12-0112-82) was purchased from eBioscience. Antibodies against mouse CD3 (cat# 100200), CD4 (cat# 100531) and Ly6G (cat# 127612) were purchased from Biolegend. Mouse CD4-depleting antibody (cat# BE0003-1) and rat IgG2b isotype control (cat# BE0090) were purchased from Bio X cell. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BD FACSDiva, FlowJo
Application Flow cytometry
Organisms Mus musculus, Chikungunya virus, Homo sapiens
Diseases HIV Infections, Chikungunya Fever