Computational protocol: The identity of the discriminator base has an impact on CCA addition

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[…] For steady-state Michaelis–Menten kinetics, 15–200 ng enzyme were incubated with RNA transcript titrated between 1 and 10 μM according to Wolf et al. (). Kinetic parameters of three to five independent experiments were analysed using curve-fitting by non-linear regression (GraphPadPrism). As the transcripts are not soluble at excessive saturating conditions, the obtained kinetic parameters represent apparent values (,). [...] RNA secondary structures were predicted using the RNA Vienna package (RNAfold) (). Structure presentations were done using VARNA (). For tRNA structures, dot bracket annotation of the tRNA database was used (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools GraphPad Prism, RNAfold, VARNA
Applications Miscellaneous, RNA structure analysis
Organisms Homo sapiens
Chemicals Adenosine, Cytosine, Purines, Pyrimidines