Computational protocol: Regulation of Corticosteroidogenic Genes by MicroRNAs

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Protocol publication

[…] The genomic coordinates, strand location, and mRNA transcript length of the human genes encoding corticosteroidogenic enzymes were identified using the Ensembl Genome Browser (release 79, March 2015). These were cross-referenced with known miRNA precursor sequences mapped and stored in the miRBase database (release 21, June 2014). Putative miRNA target sites in the 3′UTRs of corticosteroidogenic genes were identified by four commonly used prediction algorithms (MicroCosm Targets (v.5), (Nov 2010), miRviewer (June 2005), and TargetScan (v. 6.2)). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools miRviewer, TargetScan
Databases MicroCosm Targets
Application Genome data visualization
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Adenoma, Cardiovascular Diseases
Chemicals Aldosterone, Corticosterone, Hydrocortisone, 18-Hydroxycorticosterone