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Application: RNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 12
Release date: Oct 16 2018
Last update date: Oct 16 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link Gene expression analysis between planktonic and biofilm states of Flavobacterium columnare

Experimental Protocol

F. columnare isolate 94-081 was retrieved from frozen glycerol stocks and streaked onto the appropriate medium. After 24-48 h, bacterial colonies were dislodged from the agar using a sterile cotton swab and inoculated into FCGM. Bacterial broth cultures were incubated for 24 h at 28℃ prior to use in all growth assays. For planktonic and biofilm assays, an overnight broth culture of 94-081 was diluted (1:100) as needed into fresh FCGM broth into separate flasks with or without the addition of 20 µg/ml sterilized catfish mucus. After 48 h of growth at 28℃ the planktonic culture was removed from the flask prior to harvesting the biofilm. Experiments were performed in triplicate to represent biological replicates. A total of 12 samples were taken: three biological replicates, sampling two states, with two treatment groups (with or without mucus) for the isolate.