Computational protocol: Association analysis of ILVBL gene polymorphisms with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease in asthma

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[…] We used Lewontin’s D′ (|D′|) and r2 to measure linkage disequilibrium between biallelic loci []. The genotype and haplotype distributions were analyzed using logistic regression models with age (continuous value), gender (male = 0, female = 1), and smoking status (non-smoker = 0, ex-smoker = 1, smoker = 2) as covariates. Differences in the rates of decline in FEV1 following ASA challenge among the genotypes and haplotypes were examined using a type III generalized linear model. The data were managed and analyzed using SAS version 9.1 (SAS Inc., Cary, NC, USA), SPSS version 12.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) and PLINK version 1.9 ( []. For correction of P-values, the effective number of independent markers in ILVBL was calculated using the software SNPSpD ( []. The statistical power for the association analysis was calculated using Power for Genetic Association (PGA) version 2.0 []. The data are expressed as means ± standard errors of the mean (SE). P-values less than 5% were deemed to indicate statistical significance. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SPSS, PLINK
Applications Miscellaneous, GWAS
Diseases Asthma, Respiratory Insufficiency
Chemicals Aspirin