Computational protocol: Crystal Structure of the Herpesvirus Nuclear Egress Complex Provides Insights into Inner Nuclear Membrane Remodeling

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Protocol publication

[…] Diffraction data were recorded at the Diamond Light Source I04 beamline and processed with XIA2 (). The structure was determined with the program PHENIX AUTOSOL (), by single anomalous dispersion (SAD) phasing, using selenomethionine-labeled crystals. The model was built manually with the program COOT () and restrained refinement (with TLS) with AUTOBUSTER (). Final model geometry was checked with MolProbity (). For data collection and refinement statistics, see . […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools xia2, PHENIX, Coot, MolProbity
Application Protein structure analysis
Organisms Suid alphaherpesvirus 1
Chemicals Zinc