Computational protocol: Unveiling novel genes upregulated by both rhBMP2 and rhBMP7 during early osteoblastic transdifferentiation of C2C12 cells

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[…] The gene expression data were normalised using the SVR (Support Vector Regression) method [], implemented in the GEDI toolbox []. More information on normalisation method is available at Briefly, SVR is a non-parametric regression, similar to the Loess method; however, it has greater accuracy than the Loess method, therefore, it is a more useful tool to identify differentially expressed genes. Identification of these genes was obtained using the ratio of normalised intensities between rhBMP (2 or 7) and control (untreated) samples, considering a fold change of ≥ 2.5. Induced and repressed genes in C2C12 cells under simultaneous treatment with rhBMP2 and rhBMP7 were classified according to their functions through the FatiGO program ( […]

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