Computational protocol: Polymorphisms in HTR2A and DRD4 Predispose to Smoking and Smoking Quantity

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[…] The mean and the standard deviation (SD) of each variable were determined using the statistical program SPSS v.15.0 (SPSS software, IBM, New York, USA). The SNPs were analyzed with the PLINK 1.07 software [], employing a logistic regression adjusted for age. To identify the genetic markers associated with cigarette consumption, the following comparisons were performed: HS vs. NS and LS vs. NS. The HS vs. LS comparison sought to establish genetic markers related to the degree of nicotine addiction. The significance values obtained in each comparison were corrected by Bonferroni’s test. The linkage disequilibrium structure and the associated haplotype generation were performed using the Haploview 4.2 software [] with the criteria established by Gabriel and collaborators []. For the analysis of association by genotypes, Epidat version 3.1 software was employed [] using simple 2x3 contingency tables, a codominant model and a 95.0% confidence level. […]

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Software tools SPSS, PLINK, Haploview
Applications Miscellaneous, GWAS
Chemicals Nicotine