Dataset features


Application: BS-seq analysis
Number of samples: 53
Release date: Oct 8 2018
Last update date: Oct 8 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Parkinson Disease
Dataset link Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS) of cultured cells derived from Parkinson's disease patient [RRBS-seq]

Experimental Protocol

Two-condition experiment in three cell types: Control- and Parkinson´s disease patient derived fibroblasts, induced pluripotent stem cells and differentiated midbrain neurons were compared. Fibroblast cell cultures were established from skin biopsies from six control patients and nine sporadic Parkinson´s disease patients and reprogrammed with the OSKM cocktail. Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing libraries were prepared with the NEXTflex™ Bisulfite Library Prep Kit (BIOO Scientific) and sequencing was performed on an Illumina HiSeq1000 instrument (1x50 bp). Differential expression analysis was performed comparing control- and Parkinson´s disease patient derived cells within each cell type (fibroblasts, induced pluripotent stem cells or neurons). Please note that Raw data is only available via dbGAP due to privacy concerns








Markus Schulze