Dataset features


Dataset type: Other
Number of samples: 5
Release date: Jul 17 2017
Last update date: Jul 18 2017
Access: Public
Genes: MSI1, CPEB1, RBBP4
Dataset link Msi1 assists CPEB1-driven polyadenylation [CPEB1 & Msi1 RIP replicate]

Experimental Protocol

To obtain a global perspective of the CPEB1- and Msi1-regulated transcripts, and their degree of overlap, we performed CPEB1 and Msi1 RNA immunoprecipitation (RIP) from immature oocytes, followed by microarray hybridization. Stage VI oocytes were lysed and immunoprecipitations were performed with the indicated antibody. Co-Immunoprecipitated RNAs were eluted in proteinase K buffer (200 mM Tris pH7.5, 100M NaCl, 10 mM EDTA, 1%SDS) with 100 µg of proteinase K (30 min at 37ºC).. For each IP, ¼ of the IP was kept to verify the efficiency of the IP by Western blot. GeneChip Xenopus laevis Genome 2.0 Array on GeneChip Xenopus laevis Genome 2.0 Array were processed with Bioconductor 34, using RMA background correction, quantile normalization and RMA summarization 35. Significantly enriched target genes in CPEB1 vs. preserum and HA-MSI vs. HA samples were detected with the phenoTest package36, using a fold-change threshold of 1.5 times or more and a Benjamini-Hogberg adjusted p-value < 0.05








Oscar Reina Garcia