Computational protocol: Delayed egg‐laying and shortened incubation duration of Arctic‐breeding shorebirds coincide with climate cooling

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[…] We quantified a 22‐year change (1993–2014) in daily mean temperature by fitting a linear model to each day of a year, with each day's mean climatic value as the response and year as the predictor. We used the slope of this model as an index of long‐term change for each day of the year. To test whether average daily mean temperatures during the prelaying and laying windows have significantly changed between 1993–1996 and 2010–2014, we fitted linear mixed‐effects models (LMMs) to the daily mean temperature of the prelaying and laying windows separately, with decade and date as fixed effects, and year as a random effect, using the “lme” function of the R package nlme (Pinheiro, Bates, DebRoy, & Sarkar, ; R Development Core Team, ). […]

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Software tools lme4, nlme
Application Mathematical modeling